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Stylish Comedy

24/8  14:00, 16:00

25/8  14:00, 16:00


Mount Fortress Garden

日本 Japan


  • 演出時間約45 分鐘

  • 適合任何年齡人士觀看

  • 免費

  • Programme length is approximately 45 minutes without intermission

  • Best for aged 6 and above

  • Free admission


idio2 is a duo from Japan and they are bringing a refreshing show “Stylish comedy” to Macau! “Stylish comedy” is a unique cocktail of magic, juggling, and comedy. It is filled with thrill, surprises and unstoppable laughter. In the show, the audience will even get involved and become performers! Be prepared for a whirlpool of emotion and laughter!


“Stylish comedy” is suitable for men and women of all ages. With lightening pace and distinctive sense of humour, it is a show that you will never get tired of watching!!

idio2是一個來自日本的雙人表演娛樂組合。成員“Entertainer Hi2”專長於魔術的表演者。“Performer Kosuke”則是擅長雜技的喜劇演員。他們帶點荒誕同時自覺具備獨特的型格。idio2曾在不同國家表演,為世界各地的觀眾帶來歡樂。

idio2 is an entertainment company from Japan which consists of a duo: “Entertainer Hi2” is a stylish entertainer specialized in magic. “Performer Kosuke” is a comedian and master in juggling. They are a bit ridiculous but somehow cool in their own distinctive way. idio2 has performed and brought fun to audience around the world.

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