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Sound of Crow

23/8  21:15

24/8  21:15


Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

澳門 Macau


CANU Theatre 

  • 演出時間約45分鐘

  • 適合12歲或以上觀眾

  • 此節目由澳門文化局贊助

  • Programme length is approximately 45 minutes without intermission

  • Best for aged 12 and above

  • This show is financially supported by Cultural Affairs Bureau

日本百變喜劇演員村瀨千佳子再度來澳演出!這次與一起畢業於法國Philippe Gaulier的陳麗妮攜手創作全新作品《小丑大世界》!創作意念起源於日本東京某圖書館的天台一隻高空盤旋著的烏鴉,配以小丑、面具、歌舞伎舞踊等表演元素,展開一幕幕鬼馬荒誕又扣人心弦的都市情節。日式優雅壓抑與法式幽默狂野的正面碰撞,到底會擦出甚麼令人意想不到的火花?快齊齊入場看個究竟吧!




The undefinable Japanese comedy actress Chikako Murase is returning to Macau. This time she teams up with Chan Lai Nei, her fellow classmate at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, to create a brand new show 《Sound of Crow》! The creation was inspired by a hovering crow spotted from the terrace of some library in Tokyo. With clown, masks, and Kabuki dance, this piece will present various hilariously absurd yet engaging urban scenes. What surprises will come out of this clash between Japanese suffocating elegance and French wild humor? Join us and let’s find out together!

Writer-Director: Chan Lai Nei
Creative actor: Chikako Murase
Lighting designer: Tou Kuok Hong

村瀨千佳子,來自日本的演員、爵士樂歌手、歌舞伎舞踊、Rakugo的故事演說者。畢業於法國École Philippe Gaulier。

Chikako Murase is a Japanese actress, jazz singer, kabuki dancer, and Rakugo storyteller. She is a graduate of École Philippe Gaulier in France.

陳麗妮,小丑不丑劇團藝術總監。曾於巴黎L’Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel、法國École Philippe Gaulier、及英國倫敦國際演藝學院 (LISPA) 修習戲劇。近年集中編導及劇場策展工作。

Lai Nei is the artistic director of CANU theatre. She has studied theatre and performing arts at L’Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel in Paris, École Philippe Gaulier, and London International School of Performing Arts. In recent years she works as a theatre director, as well as festival and workshop producer.

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