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Louder than Words

23/8  20:00

25/8  16:30


Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

美國 USA

Gregg Goldston 

  • 演出時間約45分鐘

  • 適合6歲或以上觀眾

  • 此節目另設有形體劇場工作坊

  • 此演出門票於8月6號開售

  • Programme length is approximately 45 minutes without intermission

  • Best for aged 6 and above

  • Please see also the workshop page for MIME: Beyond the Illusion workshop

  • Tickets of this show will be available for purchase on 6th August

被《紐約時報》稱為「⋯⋯明星演出者」的格.高斯敦(Gregg Goldston)來澳門了,他的演出曾被馬歇.馬叟稱為「最好的作品」。在這次他為澳門觀眾帶來《講多無謂》,演出中你將會看到他那充滿喜劇感和舞台張力的高超的身體技巧,在你面前呈現一個又一個舞台幻術,讓觀眾體會默劇演出的魔幻力量!



Gregg Goldston has been called: “…a star performer” by the New York Times and “...among the best” by Marcel Marceau.  His show “Louder than Words is a blazing display of physical virtuosity filled with comedy, drama and mesmerizing illusions will thrill you with the magical power of mime.

Throughout his performance, he will struggle with a mystical hat that takes control of his body, become a three-member Jazz group arguing over who’s the best, be pulled into the air by an umbrella with a mind of his own…and more.  Goldston’s plays will not only keep you laughing, but will make you believe the unbelievable, see the invisible, and experience the pure love of life itself. 

格·高斯敦(Gregg Goldston)著名默劇演員、導演及默劇教育工作者,生於美國洛杉磯。1975年18歲的高斯敦因為看了一場傳奇默劇宗師馬歇·馬叟(Marcel Marceau)的默劇演出,開啟了他一生對默劇的追求。其後更成為馬歇·馬叟的弟子,並擔任其美國巡迴中助理演員及後來主要演員。馬歇·馬叟曾讚譽「高斯敦的作品是他看過最好的演出」並「創造了第一代美國式默劇」(Goldston is creating the first generation of American Mimes)。


高斯敦在1979年創辦了Mime Foundation and School for Mimes,同年製作了三個兩小時長的默劇獨腳演出,並開始他“One-Mime Show”的美國及全球巡演。他在1986到1997年成立7人默劇團The Invisible People,並展開劇團的世界巡演。2000年開辦紐約默劇工作室,進行作品發表及教育工作。2007年他受「林肯中心-- 與藝術家相遇」項目邀請與藝術家Haruka Moriyama成立了「滑稽骨頭三人組」。2008年起他與Haruka Moriyama先後在紐約、羅馬、柏林等地共同舉辦默劇暑期研習班。

Gregg Goldston is a world-renowned mime, director, and mime educator from Los Angeles.  Gregg Goldston began his pursuit of the art of mime in 1975, after seeing a performance by the legendary mime master Marcel Marceau. In various Marceau’s U.S. tours in 2000s, Gregg has served as an Assistant Performer and later played lead roles. Marcel Marceau has praised “His work is among the best” and “Goldston is creating the first generation of American Mimes.”


In 1979, Gregg opened Mime Foundation and School for Mimes and he had written and produced three two-hour solo performances and began touring his show throughout the U.S. and all over the world. In 1986, he created “The Invisible People,” a 7-member mime company that toured nationally and internationally until 1997. In 2000, Gregg moved to New York City.  He presented his performance and continued to teach Mime and Comedy at his NY Mime Studio.  In 2007, Goldston and Haruka Moriyama Co-Founded “The Funny Bones Mime Trio” for the Lincoln Center's "Meet the Artist" Series and in 2014. Started from 2008, Goldston and Haruka Moriyama had created different summer intensive courses in Rome and Berlin.

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