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Le Voisin

11/10  20:00

13/10  17:00


Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

法國 France

Benoît Turjman


​MIME / Comedian

  • 演出時間約45分鐘

  • 有少量簡單英語演出

  • 適合8歲或以上觀眾

  • 設有默劇表演工作坊(詳情參閱工作坊頁介紹)

  • Programme length is approximately 45 minutes without intermission

  • Best for aged 8 and above

  • Please see also the workshop page for "HERE, NOW AND BEYOND" mime workshop

「必定要看!」—— La Tribune de Lyon

「這是一種值得傳承的沉默藝術。」—— LeP rogrès

「歡欣的作品!」—— Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace





2019年“Les P'tits Molières” —— 獲得最佳展覽、最佳男演員、最佳導演、最佳景觀設計獎及年度最佳獎項


2017年評審團獎(Sélestat,St-Raphaël —— 喜劇節)


WINNER: “Spirit Of The Fringe Award”- Hamilton Fringe Festival 2016

WINNER: “Best Solo Show Award”- Storefront Fringe Festival 2017

WINNER: “Audience Choice Award”-Hamilton Fringe Festival 2017

WINNER: “Best Performer Award”- Swindon Fringe Festival 2018

WINNER: “Pick of The Fringe Venue” Storefront Fringe Festival 2018

He is a crotchety nerd, boy next door... and next to your place ! Tonight, he will try to find love in a dancing singles night, to survive into the wild and fierce nature, and to share the genuine magic of Christmas Time.

In a smile, The Neighbour grabs the audience in the zany twirl of joyful comedy that makes one feel happy... ever after!



“Run and see it !” – La Tribune de Lyon
“Silent art’s worthy heir” – Le Progrès
“Jubilant” – Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace
“A new Mr Bean, the audience is under his spell” –


創作/導演/演員 Author, director, actor : Benoît Turjman
服裝設計師 Costume designer : Johanna Lavorel
燈光設計師 Lights designer : Maxime Boiteux

法國演員和默劇演員,在Marcel Marceau的國際默劇學校接受訓練,Benoît曾出演約30部戲劇演出(其中包括戲劇、馬戲團、歌舞表演和特技表演)。“Le Voisin / The Neighbour”,是他的第一個個人作品,亦是一部紅極一時的現代默劇。





French actor and mime, trained at Marcel Marceau’s International Mime School, Benoît has performed in some 30 plays (for theatre, circus, cabaret acts, stunts). “Le Voisin/The Neighbour”, his first solo comes out as a smash hit modern pantomime.

In France, he is known for being stunt double of Rowan Atkinson in “Mr Bean’s Holiday” and for his role in the French awarded movie “You Look So Handsome” (by Isabelle Mergault).

“Since my very beginnings, I wished to make mime to all kind of audiences, without distinction of class or culture. I longed for getting each and everyone grabbed by joyful, hilarious and poetical stories. So I created, sketch after sketch, a brightful and gentle character which I called “The Neighbour”. My secret wish was to open one’s heart with a smile... And “The Neighbour” is now making it happen !”

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