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Kano Mami  

  • 演出時間約35 分鐘

  • 適合任何年齡人士觀看

  • 免費

  • Programme length is approximately 35 minutes without intermission

  • Suitable for all ages 

  • Free entry

Time, Time,
KANO's Time!

12/10  17:00 (取消 Cancelled)

13/10  14:00, 16:00


Mount Fortress Garden

因颱風海貝思迫近日本,導致日本藝表演者Kano Mami 無法如期抵澳,原定10月12日下午5時在大炮台花園舉行的的街頭演出 TIME, TIME, KANO'S TIME 將會取消,不便之處敬請原諒。


Due to the flight cancellation caused by Typhoon Hagibis. Our Japanese Artist Kano Mami may not arrive to Macau as planed. The street performance TIME, TIME KANO'S TIME on 12th Oct (Sat) 17:00 at Mount Fortress Garden will be canceled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

「你知道現在幾點嗎?」 「It’s Kano’s Time!!」

「Time, Time, KANO’s time」是一部高度原創,而且非常有趣的個人街頭表演,一場無法描述,完全荒謬、但又非常容易明白理解的表演!


她穿著標誌性的藍色球衣,創造了自己的默劇世界,以沉默和笑聲作為她的工具。 結合默劇、音樂、歌曲和沈默,KANO MAMI在喜劇和憂傷之間實現微妙的平衡,讓所有年齡層的觀眾和來自世界各地的觀眾,都能夠心中產生共鳴。


KANO MAMI是一位極為吸引的原創藝術家,難以將你的目光在她身上移走。就讓自己跳入另一個充滿歡笑的時空;KANO TIME!

“Do you know what time it is?” “It's KANO’s Time!!”

“Time, Time, KANO’s time” is a highly original, very funny, solo street performance that defies description; completely absurd and yet easy to understand. 

Wearing her trademark blue work jersey, she creates her own precise pantomime Universe, with silence and laughter as her only tools. Combining pantomime, music, songs and silence, KANO MAMI strikes that delicate balance between comedy and melancholy that will resonate directly in the hearts of audiences of all ages and from all over the world.
Out of time, out of space, (and very possibly out of her mind), KANO MAMI is an irresistibly original artist, who is hard to take your eyes off of. 

Let yourself be drawn into the deep laughter of another dimension, and another time; KANO Time!


她是當今日本最有名的的街頭表演藝人。2002年她在東京獲稱為“Heaven Artist”,這是只有最優秀的藝術家們才能獲得名的銜。2003年她獲得了Nippon Television ARTDAIDOGEI Grand Prix 特別藝術家獎。

Time, time! Time of Kano! !

You will be captivated by the surreal and unique world view ...A street performer representing Japan with a blue jersey. Her popularity is exploding in Japan because she draws everyday life uniquely and comically in her special view. 

However, the performance sometimes feels crazy. But that's the proof that she was addicted to her worldview. If that happens once, you can't get out of the Kano's world for sure...
One of the most popular street performers in Japan. Kano was named “Heaven Artist” in Tokyo in 2002, a title only awarded to top artists. In 2003, she won the Special Artist Award at the "Nippon Television ARTDAIDOGEI Grand Prix". 

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