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古惑的Card 2.0
El Diablo Of The Cards 2.0

11/10  21:15

12/10  11:00, 20:00


Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

巴西 Brazil

El Diablo  


Clown / Magician

  • 演出時間約45分鐘

  • 有少量簡單英語演出

  • 適合6歲或以上觀眾

  • 設有默劇表演工作坊(詳情參閱工作坊頁介紹)

  • Programme length is approximately 45 minutes without intermission

  • Best for aged 6 and above

  • Please see also the workshop page for "Flop! Clown Training" mime workshop

★★★★★「真正富娛樂性的卡片魔術表演!」—— CBC

★★★★1/2「 展現出最純粹的劇場!」—— Winnipeg Free Press

「定全讓觀眾融入表演!」—— 藝穗節評論

「他的作品令人驚嘆,既荒謬又精彩」—— 金斯敦地區/加拿大


來自巴西的El Diablo,是屢獲殊榮的國際知名小丑及魔術師,今年將「古惑的CARD2.0」全新創作帶到澳門。El Diablo曾到訪世界各地52個國家旅行,以獨特的魔術風格,結合即興創作,將小丑的瘋狂和卡片的魔法技能,創作出令人難以置信的表演!這次再來澳門,「古惑的CARD 2.0」將會比以往更見古惑,不要錯過這千載難逢的機會,來看這位南美「啤牌鯊王」層出不窮、拍爛手掌的表演!

「藝穗精神大獎」—— Hamilton Fringe Festival 2016 – Canada

「最佳單人表演項目獎」—— Storefront Fringe Festival 2017 – Canada

「觀眾之選大獎」—— Hamilton Fringe Festival 2017 – Canada

「最佳演出者大獎」—— Swindon Fringe Festival 2018 – UK

「藝穗會場精選劇目」—— Storefront Fringe Festival 2018 – Canada

WINNER: “Spirit Of The Fringe Award”- Hamilton Fringe Festival 2016

WINNER: “Best Solo Show Award”- Storefront Fringe Festival 2017

WINNER: “Audience Choice Award”-Hamilton Fringe Festival 2017

WINNER: “Best Performer Award”- Swindon Fringe Festival 2018

WINNER: “Pick of The Fringe Venue” Storefront Fringe Festival 2018

Coming all the way from Brazil, Award-winning and internationally acclaimed clown/magician, "El Diablo of The Cards" is back to Macau with an astonishing new show . El Diablo is traveling 52 countries, thrilling audiences around the world with a unique card magic style that combines improvisation, a clown’s madness and unbelievable magic skills using only a deck cards! Back to Macau with his news card illusions, more diabolical than ever, "El Diablo of The Cards 2.0" is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your mind blown by an authentic South American Master Card Shark!


★★★★★ "Completely entertaining card show" CBC

★★★★1/2 "It’s theatre in its purest form" Winnipeg Free Press

"Master at getting his audience involved and excited" - Fringe Review

"His work was mind blowing as well as both absurd and brilliant". Kingston Region/Canada.

他是國際知名的巴西表演者,畢業於著名的小丑和表演學校École Philippe Gaulier。身為一位精通啤牌大師,他開發出一個獨步天下的啤牌表演,集即興演出、小丑和魔術於一身,令世界各地的戲劇節的觀眾驚嘆不已!Ewerton 正在用一副啤牌去追逐其夢想,在全球52個國家巡迴他的「古惑的Card」,為世界各地的觀眾帶來難忘的體驗。

Ei Diablo (creator and performer) is an internationally acclaimed  Brazilian performer and a graduate of the prestigious clowning and acting school École Philippe Gaulier. Master of the Card's Deck, he has developed a unique card magic style, combining improvisation, a clown’s foolishness and hilarious magic skills that has amazed  audiences in Theater's Festivals around the world!

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