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Clair-Obscur 2.0

24/8  18:00

25/8  18:00


Old Court Building, 2nd Floor

法國 France

Edi Rudo

默劇表演者 / 魔術師 / 影畫師

Mime / Magician / Shadowgrapher

  • 演出時間約45分鐘

  • 適合6歲或以上觀眾

  • 此節目另設有形體劇場工作坊

  • Programme length is approximately 45 minutes without intermission

  • Best for aged 6 and above

  • Please see also the workshop page for Edi’s French Pantomime workshop

「法式魔術的未來」 The Illusionist magazine


「既詩意又教人著迷的角色」Arturo Bracchetti


《光影遊戲2.0》是一個集傳統及心靈魔術、啞劇、手影藝術等多種表演模式而成的獨腳戲。屢獲殊榮的年輕法國魔術師Edi Rudo將用他的熟練技巧令你大開眼界。 在表演中他會牽動你的回憶,將你帶回童年。憑藉他的靈巧雙手和無限創意,Edi邀請觀眾進入他小時候幻想的世界。在這奇幻世界,所有物體都還活生生的⋯⋯請準備進入一個充滿想像力的世界! 萬勿錯過!

“The future of french magic !” The Illusionist magazine


 “A poetic and intriguing character” Arturo Bracchetti


Clair-Obscur 2.0 is a unique one-man show that combines magic, mentalism, mime and hand-shadows! Award winning magician Edi Rudo will blow your mind with his tricks. He will play with your memories and bring you back to childhood. 


With his dexterity and creativity, Edi invites the spectators in the imaginary world he had when he was a kid. In this world, every object was alive… Be prepared to enter a world full of imagination! Don’t miss it !

Edi Rudo是一位來自法國和美國的魔術師,默劇表演者,及影畫師。他曾於巴黎的L’Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel進修默劇表演,並經常在法國和美國演出。其優雅、如幻如煙的作品,讓Edi成為由CFI組織的2014年法國近距離魔術錦標賽的最年輕得主,以及2014年愛丁堡國際魔術節18歲以下比賽的冠軍。

Edi Rudo is a French-American magician, mime and shadowgrapher. He has studied mime at L’Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel in Paris and regularly performs in France and the United States. His elegance and airy presence made him the Youngest Winner of the French Close-Up Magic Championship organized by the CFI in 2014 and the 2014 Winner of the under 18 competition at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival.

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