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節目 Programmes


十月 October

八月 August

Philippe Gaulier's
大師班 Masterclass

​​工作坊及電影 Workshop and Movie


十月 October

八月及九月 August & September


購票指南 Booking Guide

購票 Booking


Tickets are available through the Macau Ticketing Network

​觀眾須知 Notice

  • 觀眾務請提前十五分鐘到達表演現場。為免影響演出,主辦單位有權決定遲到者的入場時間及方式;

  • 主辦單位保留臨時更改原定節目及演出者的權利;

  • 如遇惡劣天氣,請密切留意小丑不丑劇團facebook頁;

  • 所有節目均不設劃位,請提早到場。

  • 有關表演節目、工作坊及電影的最新消息以本團facebook專頁公告為主。​

  • Audience members are strongly advised to arrive 15 minutes before the performances start. The organiser reserves the right to determine at what time and in what manner latecomers are admitted;

  • The organiser reserves the right to change the programme and/or the cast of performers at any time;

  • In case of inclement adverse weather conditions, please visit CANU Theatre's Facebook page;

  • Seating is not assigned and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The latest and most updated information related to performance, workshops and movie of Macau International Mime Festival 2019 will be announced on our facebook page.

購票優惠 Discounts


9月29日前購票直接 7 折優惠

連購兩場門票可獲 8 折

Single ticket: MOP 120

30% discount for all tickets purchased before September 29th

20% discount for simultaneous purchases of 2 different shows

廣星購票熱線 / 網址

Macau Ticketing phone / website

2855 5555


節目及工作坊查詢 Enquiries

WhatsApp・(33) 763 718 168

電郵 Email・theatredeCANU@gmail.com

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